Clear vaginal fluid

If the discharge is clumpy and looks similar to cottage cheese, it may be due to a yeast infection. BV is the most common vaginal infection in women between 15 and APA de Pietro, M.

Clear vaginal fluid
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Clear vaginal fluid
Clear vaginal fluid
Clear vaginal fluid

Vaginal discharge

A yeast infection may also cause vaginal itching and burning. While bacterial vaginosis can usually be treated with antibiotics, some women prefer to try home remedies first. Yellow discharge may or may not indicate an infection.

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What do different types of vaginal discharge mean?

You usually get heavier discharge during pregnancy, if you're clear vaginal fluid active or if you're using birth control. In other instances, yellow discharge can be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection STI or a bacterial infection. Vaginal discharge is fluid that comes from the vagina. In some cases, it is difficult to make a diagnosis based on vaginal discharge alone.

Clear vaginal fluid
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Clear vaginal fluid

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